We have a few rules on our ARK Servers & Discord server to make it nice and fun for everyone. If you stick to the rules everything will be OK. Have respect for each other!


Fully wiping a tribe and killing all of their dinos is not allowed, doing so may get you designated as a ‘toxic’ tribe by our community or your tribe will be wiped or banned.
• There is generally no reason to kill every dino a tribe owns
• Violation of any raiding rule will be penalized severely; Penalties may include any combination of: tribe dino wipe, tribe structure wipe, a minimum 48 Hour ban of all tribe members or even a permanently ban of all tribe members.

Any exploiting, duping, botting, macro farming, etc will result in a ban on all of our servers.
• Any form of glitching (hiding inside rocks, plant X, hiding or building inside any waterfalls/rocks to build or shoot out from) will result in you being banned.
• Bases that are built under the mesh or build inside glitched areas (holes in the waterfalls, Glitched rocks on Ragnarok, Metal boxes/artifacts on Aberration etc) will result in all tribe structures being deleted when found.

Griefing / harassing new low level players will not be tolerated.
• New players are keeping our community popular and active so we go to great lengths to protect new players
• Repetitively killing the same new player(s) over & over will be viewed as griefing.
• If logs indicate you kill new players more than you change your underwear, it will be viewed as griefing.
• Not allowing new players or tribes to progress by constantly obstructing their ability to farm & tame will be viewed as griefing.
• Allow new players room to grow & become competitive. Killing the competition before they can compete is cowardly & lacks gamesmanship.
• Any form of griefing new players will result in severe consequences, will either be run off by the community or will be wiped by admins or including up to a permanent ban.

Tribe names must be the same on all servers in a cluster & players must belong to the same tribe across the cluster.
• You can change your tribe name every 7 days, due to raiders changing their names while raiding to hide who was causing it.
• Changing names with the intent to hide who you are will get your tribe wiped.

You may not cage / incapacitate any player for more than 30 minutes.
• Catch & release or kill them.
• Repetitively caging or incapacitating the same player is considered griefing – mix it up with different targets.

Any player joining or already in a tribe with the intent of sabotaging them for another tribe (aka ‘insiding’) can be permanently banned from our community.
• Everything earned within a tribe, belongs to the tribe, only if this has been arranged with the owner of the tribe.
• If you chose to leave a tribe, you do not get to take items or dinos you feel belong to you only if this has been arranged with the owner of the tribe.
• Admins will NOT replace anything lost to an “insider” – set tribe permissions, do not recruit unknowns.

No foundation spamming is allowed. You cannot claim any land you can’t occupy with players and dinos immediately.
• You cannot block off an entire area of the map because you might ‘someday’ want to build on it.
• We expect your base perimiter to be in line with your current or short term abilities to expand.

No blocking access (via building, dinos etc) to any obelisks, loot/artifact caves.
• Do NOT attempt to build bases in or store/breed dinos of any kind in any kind of loot/artifact cave.
• Do NOT place Offline Guard System Pillars at Oil resources to prevent people from destroying Oil Pumps or placing a own Oil Pump.
• Do NOT place random Automatic Defense Structures like Auto Turrets etc on the map.
• Admins will structure wipe your tribe if you’re structures are found in these zones.
• Admins will dino wipe your tribe if your dinos are found in these zones.

Boxing in dinos with platforms to make them bulletproof is not allowed.
• Example: Covering your Quetzal with structures so it won’t take damage is not allowed and will result in severe consequences, will either be run off by the community or will be wiped by admins or including up to a permanent ban.


• There is an exception for the aberration server for blocking one of the passageways to the surface, this is the passage in the blue biome/area.


This also counts on the ARK Servers

• Speak Dutch or English
• Promotion of Discord or Social Media channels is not allowed.
• Spamming is not allowed.
• Scolding and/or shouting is not allowed.
• Voice morph like clownfish and soundboards are not allowed.
• Be nice to everyone, especially for the Staff.
• Do not argue with decisions made by an Admin.

If you have an undeserved ban on the Server or on Discord, please fill in the Contact form on our website at Contact.

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